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S.A.7 Humanities and Arts

Title of the research project: Archaeological and geophysical research at the peraia of Samothrace

Principal Investigator: Avramidou Amalia








Title of the research project: The Perils of Prediction in the Physical Science: Historical and Epistemological Perspectives

Principal Investigator: Arabatzis Theodore









Title of the research project: Hotels and the Modern Subject: 1890-1940

Principal Investigator: Despotopoulou Anna












Part of the hybrid International Symposium, “Literary Hotels” is now available from the platform of Blod.gr (Bodossaki Lectures On Demand). Follow the link:  https://www.blod.gr/events/ksenodoheia-sti-logotehnia/

You can watch the first two panels of the first day of the Symposium, which was funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation under the 1st Call for H.F.R.I. Research Projects to Support Faculty Members & Researchers and Procure High-Value Research Equipment.

During “Hotels in Times of War and Crisis” panel, principal investigator Anna Despotopoulou moderated the talk, where participants focused on literary hotels’ representations in times of war, conflict, crisis and sociopolitical destabilization. Later, in the next panel, participants from Greece and abroad shared the prose and poetic representations of “The Greek Hotel”.

Both panels are available in Εnglish.


Title of the research project: Aegean Islands: Palaeoenvironment and Early Human Settlement

Principal Investigator: Efstratiou Nikos











Title of the research project: Assistance for students in Singing and Music Aesthetics

Principal Investigator: Georgaki Anastasia








Title of the research project: Lead Seals in Byzantine Thrace: Re-examination of data, mapping the distribution of findings and tracing the communication networks

Principal Investigator: Gkoutzioukostas Andreas









Title of the research project: Sourcebook of Byzantine Philosophy (SBPh)

Principal Investigator: Ierodiakonou Katerina












Title of the research project: Tracking Re-cycling: Archaeological and Anthropological Survey in the Habitat of Xanthi Region-Thrace

Principal Investigator: Kefalidou Eurydice











Title of the research project: The Institution of Panhellenic Art   Exhibitions, 1938-1987

Principal Investigator: Matthiopoulos Evgenios D.








Title of the research project: Representations of Modern Greece in Victorian Popular Culture

Principal Investigator: Mitsi Efterpi









Title of the research project: GENESIS: Genetic Research & Digital Visualization in the Performing Arts

Principal Investigator: Papalexiou Eleni










Read here the article of Assistant Professor, Elena Papalexiou, “Towards a Model of Digital Narration of the Creative Process of Performance”, that was published in European Journal of Theater and Performance (Issue,2, May 2020, p. 378-423). The principal investigator of the funded research project, ” GENESIS: Genetic Research & Digital Visualization in the Performing Arts “, presents its main hypotheses and principal aim, which is to develop and implement a model of digital narration of the creative process, from the initial conception to its completion on stage.

Title of the research project: Διακοινοτικές μουσικές γεωγραφίες της Κωνσταντινούπολης κατά της ύστερη οθωμανική περίοδο

Principal Investigator: Poulos Panagiotis C.











Title of the research project: Testimonies of religious, political and social life of Dion. Digital editing and contextual analysis of the inscribed monuments

Principal Investigator: Pingiatoglou Semeli










Title of the research project: The “ekphraseis” in the byzantine literature of the 12th century

Principal Investigator: Taxidis Ilias












Title of the research project: Latent Aspects in L2 Acquisition

Principal Investigator: Tantos Alexandros













Principal Investigator: Tsiambaos Konstantinos











Title of the research project: Language and Executive Function Intervention Strategies in Language Disorders

Principal Investigator: Varlokosta Spyridoula