H.F.R.I. Portal

H.F.R.I.: Supporting Research, Enhancing Innovation

H.F.R.I. was established in 2016 with the aim of promoting research and innovation, in the framework of the national strategy for research and innovation. The Foundation supports unrestricted research and the scientific capacity of the country, having scientific quality and excellence as a unique criterion, through the financing of research projects, scholarships, the acquisition of valuable research equipment as well as actions to connect science with society and emblematic actions. (more…)

H.F.R.I. Registry of Certified Evaluators & Experts

In order to evaluate proposals, examine objections and certify funded actions, a Register of Certified Evaluators-Experts of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation is being established, consisting of acclaimed scientists. Independent experts, members of the experts and objection committees and certifiers of the physical and financial scope of funded projects shall be drawn from this register. (more…)

Emblematic Action“200 Years from the Greek Revolution”, “Science & Society” Action (1st Call)

The main aim of the Call is to fund proposals dedicated exclusively to the public promotion of research projects or actions relevant to the 1821 Greek Revolution. In specific, the Call aims to fund the public promotion of research projects and actions of high scientific and/or artistic quality, which use innovative methods to showcase various aspects of the 1821 Greek Revolution, such as its impact on how the Greek economy, society, culture and politics were developed and shaped within Greece and/or the European perspective. (more…)

Emblematic Action “Always strive for excellence – Theodoros Papazoglou” Action “Science and Society” (2nd Call)/ Co-funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation

In September 2019, the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I.) and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) joined forces in order to strengthen young Greek scientists and their research capabilities in Hellas. The ultimate goal of the cooperation is the reduction and possible reversal of the braindrain phenomenon from Greece abroad. (more…)

Emblematic Action “Interventions to address the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic” (evaluation pending), 4th Call for Action “Science and Society”

This action aims to contribute in addressing the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and developing financially exploitable technologies which will aid in dealing with related problems. In detail, the action pertains to the development of technology/know-how applications related with facing the COVID-19 pandemic and/or its effects (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, addressing social and economic consequences, etc.). (more…)

Fieldwork for data collection in Greece under the framework of the 10th wave of European Social Survey

The European Social Survey (ESS) is an academically driven cross-national survey that has been conducted across Europe since its establishment in 2001. Every two years, face-to-face interviews are conducted with newly selected, cross-sectional samples. The survey measures the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of diverse populations in more than twenty- nations. (more…)