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1st Call for the Science & Society Action “200 Years from the Greek Revolution”

Opening Date:
June 15, 2018
July 10, 2018
1,030,000.00 €

The main aim of the Call is to fund proposals dedicated exclusively to the public promotion of research projects or actions relevant to the 1821 Greek Revolution. In specific, the Call aims to fund the public promotion of research projects and actions of high scientific and/or artistic quality, which use innovative methods to showcase various aspects of the 1821 Greek Revolution, such as its impact on how the Greek economy, society, culture and politics were developed and shaped within Greece and/or the European perspective. The main condition for funding a proposal is that it touches on an existing or an ongoing research, or a newly implemented research in regard to the Greek Revolution of 1821, but only to the extent that it supports the aforementioned aim of the Call. Proposals that pertain exclusively to funding the implementation of new research projects (e.g. doctoral dissertation authoring) are inadmissible.

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