The Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation is a new institution through which a profound reforming effort is being attempted in the field of Research and Innovation in the country.

The Organization supports free research (the systematic inquiry into scientific curiosity) and new researchers by providing scholarships for doctoral candidates and research projects for post-doctoral students, Researchers and Faculty Members.

Through H.F.R.I., the research and academic community is, for the first time, actively involved in shaping the country’s research and innovation policy without thematic or geographical exclusions, but with the sole criterion of scientific quality and excellence.

H.F.R.I. aims to promote research and innovation in the country and in particular to evaluate and fund free research, especially research activities and technological applications that result from scientific curiosity, without thematic exclusions or geographical constraints, but solely on the basis of scientific quality and excellence.
H.F.R.I. was created out of the vital need to support young scientists and as a necessary tool in reversing the outflow of outstanding scientists abroad. Indeed, one of H.F.R.I.’s key goals is to hinder the scientific and economic hemorrhage that the loss of gifted Greek researchers entails.
In order to achieve its goals H.F.R.I.:

  • Grants scholarships for doctoral dissertations and post-doctoral studies
  • Funds high quality research projects in which post-graduate students, researchers and faculty members are scientific responsibles
  • Finances the purchase of research equipment
  • Enables Universities, TEIs and research and technology stakeholders to access the financing of innovative research programs
  • Supports the creation and operation of start-ups in order to exploit research results

For more information please read here our2018 Action Plan