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1st Call “Science & Society” “200 years from the Greek Revolution”

Title of the project: Reviving  revolutionary Athens

Project Coordinator: Andromache Gazi











Title of the project: EPANASTASIS-1821: “Communication and Promotion of Revival of Historical Events of the Revolution through Virtual Reality-1821”

Project Coordinator: Dr. Ioannis Kompatsiaris





 Title of the project: Experiential educational game for exploring the social identity of the revolution – BYRON

Project Coordinator: Phivos Mylonas







Title of the project: “1821 Graphic novel”

Project Coordinator: Nikolopoulos Antonis









Title of the project: «Helping Revolution, supporting the creation of the Greek State. The unknown stories of 1821»

Project Coordinator: Manthos Santorineos








Title of the project: Institutions and society in revolutionary Greece: The testimonies of the police and court archives (1822-1827)

Project Coordinator: Vaso Seirinidou










Title of the project: The struggle between tradition and modernity and the Constitution under the Greek revolutionary ‘State’

Project Coordinator: Prof. Triantafyllia (Lina) Papadopoulou








Title of the project: Revolutionary Palimpsests The visualization of the network of the distinct urban places in the space-time spectrum of the Greek revolution

Project Coordinator: Efrossyni Tsakiri