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“Hindering the brain drain”, A tribute article for The Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation by Historian Dimitris Douros at “Days of Art in Greece”, Issue No. 7, Winter 2018

Date: November 16, 2018

So which is the impact of the activity of H.F.R.I. on the country’s economy and most importantly to the scientific community? Some technocratic views stress the necessity of tangible results from research in order to increase the country’s growth index; nevertheless, the blooming of scientific productivity in Greece entails a deeper impact to the nation and its citizens. It goes without saying that the reference to science and research is not exclusive to applied sciences and technological advances. Thus, the funding programmes can also accelerate humanities, the activity of which should not be limited to lectures or within university walls, but disseminated to the entire community via publishing papers and bibliography in an effort to externalize the intellectual reserve of those working hard in these fields (…)

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