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S.A.4 Agricultural Sciences – Food Science & Technology

Title of the research project: Curculio elephas: novel tools for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on chestnut trees

Principal Investigator: Anastasaki Eirini










Title of the research project: Odorant Degrading Enzymes as molecular targets for controlling the olive fruit fly’s behavior

Principal Investigator: Drakou Christina





Title of the research project: Study of the engineering and physicochemical parameters involved in the development of novel, instant kefir based products

Principal Investigator: Exarhopoulos Stylianos










Title of the research project: Advanced Metallomics Analysis in Fish for Improved Assessment of Human Risk and Environmental Quality

Principal Investigator: Kalantzi Ioanna











Title of the research project: SystEms Biology Modelling of Key LIFe History Traits for Sustainable Aquaculture Production in the Mediterranean Region

Principal Investigator: Papakostas Spiros










Title of the research project: Diversity, phylogeny and chemical characterization of Tuber species from Greece – Establishment of fungal inocula to foster truffle cultivation on native plants 

Principal Investigator: Polemis Elias 













Title of the research project: INteractions of Veterinary antibiotics with soil microorganisms: exploiting microbial degradation to avert Environmental contamination and ResisTance dispersal

Principal Investigator: Vasileiadis  Sotirios