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2nd H.F.R.I. Call for the Procurement of High-value Research Equipment

Opening Date:
March 1, 2023
April 6, 2023
7,560,000.00 €

The Director of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation,calls

The interested potential beneficiaries to submit proposals under the 2nd Call for the Procurement of High-Value Research Equipment according to the terms and conditions specified in the Call.

The total expenditure for the Call amounts to 7.560.000,00 euro

The call has been also published in the following website:



Admissibility Check

Read here the Announcement of Admissibility Check Results for the Proposals submitted to Scientific Areas:

  • 1. “Physical Sciences”
  • 2. “Engineering Sciences & Technology”
  • 3. “Life Sciences”
  • 4. “Agricultural Sciences – Food Science and Technology”
  • 5. “Mathematics and Information Sciences”
  • 6. “Social Sciences”
  • 7. “Humanities & Arts”
  • 8. “Environment and Energy”
  • 9. “Management and Economics of Innovation”




Templates, Version 1.0 (pdf file)
Templates, Version 1.0 (docx.file)